CMMC Members
We are ready to kick off our 2019 Season and it is important to understand changes that have been made this year, both PGA Rules changes as well as some minor changes to our mens club. Please take a few minutes review the changes for the year. 
To sign up for events you can click the "Event Sign Up" button or visit
If you are asked for a GGID use: QMRTDT
Tournament Results will be posted each week and are available by clicking the "Weekly Results" button.
For members who still have not paid your dues, please do so ASAP. You will not be able to sign up for events until your dues are paid. 
If you are new and interested in joining the Camas Meadows Mens Club we'd love to have you!  Mens Club events are held most Saturdays and Tuesdays from March through November. View the full 2019 Event Calendar above. 
If you already have a valid GHIN at another OGA Club you are welcome to play in Camas Meadows Mens Club and you DO NOT have to pay the Handicap dues. 
2019 Mens Club Fees:
Mens Club Dues: $40
Handicap Dues: $40
To sign up simply visit the Camas Meadows Pro Shop and let them know you would like to join mens club.  If you have any questions please email
Thank you,